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 Death of a Character

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PostSubject: Death of a Character    Sun 09 Feb 2014, 21:18

If you die you must make a new character or Go through Revival there are also steps in how you die.

Disabled (0 Hit Points)

Dying (-1 to -9 Hit Points)

Dead (-10 Hit Points or Lower)

Stable Characters and Recovery: you can make yourself stable by rolling a d% to see whether the dying character becomes stable. He has a 10% chance of becoming stable. If he doesn’t, he loses 1 hit point. You can keep a dying character from losing any more hit points and make him stable with a DC 15 Heal check by rolling a d20 die. If any sort of healing cures the dying character of even 1 point of damage, he stops losing hit points and becomes stable
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Death of a Character
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