Mighty kingdoms dot a vast landscape filled with danger and treasure.
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 Lore thus far

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PostSubject: Lore thus far   Lore thus far I_icon_minitimeMon 10 Mar 2014, 20:35

The humans of Cyria used to rule over the eastern parts of the plane living in harmony with elves, dwarves, and orcs. This went on for several hundreds of years. Before They began to move into the northern parts of the western lands destroying the elven forests. They called a meeting with the other races and declared that since they had the strongest army and the most people that they should be the rulers of Cyria. This is met with much resistance. And eventually war broke out, what should have been a quick victory for the humans however was delayed by the up rising of the mages. Humans had always saw magic as an evil force to be contained and controlled. Once the mages broke free of their clutches they took over the eastern lands and declared the all of cyria would fall under the power of magic and those who wield its gift. Server al years later the humans have all but won the war of the west securing their towns and setting up several outposts of the kings royal army. As well convincing the towns of Barvica, and Therdim to submit under the rule of humans. While other elven and dwarven cities continue to fight. Winterfall the last of the Orcish cities is now under siege buy all the factions hoping to gain control of this middle ground in the western lands. The humans claim they are blessed in this war and Palour wishes to see the other races under control of the humans, the human king. King Tosun claims to be a warrior sent from Palour to take over Cyria for the humans.

The Elves of Cyria used to live peacefully with the other factions by staying in their forests. But once the humans came over. The Elves showed their more aggressive side. They fought against the new human outposts and showed no mercy when killing humans. When the human armies came and told them that humans should rule Cyria. The elves were the most resistant, they immediately set up armies and attacked the humans. Only one city (Barvica) said that they would join the human realm and reside under them. But most of the citizens of Barvica don't trust humans very well and none of the soliders from the kings royal armies have ever hade it far enough in the elven forests to see the town. The Elves have now grown to think that they should rule over Cyria for they could keep the peace far better then any of the factions.

The Dwarves of Cyria live in the mountains under 5 different holds. The greatest of witch being Theridim, In the days of old the dwarves were the greatest merchants because they mined all the gold that was used for currency. When the humans decided that they should rule. The king over all five holds said he would support the humans for violence was not the answer to anyone's problem. But the lesser kings rebelled and fought against the humans when their armies came. Theridim is now the only dwarven hold that is under human control. But the dwarves that reside there still see the humans as weak and prefer them only to stay in the shops rather then in the dwarven arenas. The dwarves are dysfunctional in the sense that they don't know who should lead. Debates between the holds are common and so you don't see many organized attacks planned by the dwarves usually their forces are scattered and each leader of each hold do different things with their warriors.

The orcs have always been a brutish race. They lived in the city of winterfall and never left. They would drink and eat, and kill anyone who came to their city. When the humans told them to live under human control. They refused and told the humans they would have to take their town first. And so the humans attacked. The three war chiefs of the Orcs are now all dead. And Orc forces are scattered. Winterfall is now a war zone were no one can live but the what Orcs are still left fight for their home and kill anyone who intervenes.

The barbarians who lived in the deserts of Cyria never bothered with anything. Probably because they were always out searching for food. When the mages broke free from the royal armies clutches they recruited the barbarians with the promise that when they take over Cyria the will have all the can eat for the rest of their lives and will never have to worry about any of their problems again. The barbarians now make up the main fighting force of the mages alliances.

When the mages broke free they killed all who opposed them and drove out the civilians into the desert to die. They knew they would need strength to keep this up though so they immediately headed into the desert and recruited the barbarian tribes. By the time the royal army was ready to cross the desert again. It was to late they knew that they would die as soon as they made it to the eastern lands. Now the mages alliance wants to conquer Cyria and show the plane that magic truly is the strongest force in the multi-verse.
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Lore thus far
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