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 Dolen the lost solider

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PostSubject: Dolen the lost solider   Dolen the lost solider I_icon_minitimeWed 19 Feb 2014, 19:48

Name:Dolen El Satellizer
Alignment:true Neutral


Touch AC: 11
Initiative: 5
Grapple: +1
Base attack bonus: +2



Human Race feats:
1 extra feat at 1st level.
4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level.

Class Feats:
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
A fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, medium, and light) and shields (including tower shields).

Bonus Feats
At 1st level, a fighter gets a bonus combat-oriented feat in addition to the feat that any 1st-level character gets and the bonus feat granted to a human character. The fighter gains an additional bonus feat at 2nd level and every two fighter levels thereafter (4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, and 20th). These bonus feats must be drawn from the feats noted as fighter bonus feats. A fighter must still meet all prerequisites for a bonus feat, including ability score and base attack bonus minimums.

Improved Initiative
You get a +4 bonus on initiative checks.

You get a +2 bonus on all Disguise checks and Forgery checks.

You gain +3 hit points every lv.


Appraise 0
Balance 0
Bluff 4
Climb 1
Concentration 0
Craft 0
Decipher Script 0
Diplomacy 1
Disable Device 1
Disguise 1
Escape Artist 0
Forgery 0

Gather Information 2
Handle Animal 1
Heal 0
Hide 0
Intimidate 5
Jump 0
Knowledge 4
Listen 0
Move Silently 0
Open Lock 0
Perform 1
Profession 0

Ride 0
Search 0
Sense Motive 0
Sleight Of Hand 0
Speak Language- need to know the language
Spellcraft 0
Spot 0
Survival 0
Swim 1
Tumble 0
Use Magic Device 0
Use Rope 0


Falchion-2d4 Critical:18–20/×2

Hide +3 AC

4176 Gold

Long Sword 1d8 upgrade Flaiming burst: Weapon is covered in fire and deals +1d10 damage or +2d6 on a critical hit (crit chance 19-20)

five light potions

1 raw garnet
1 raw amethyst
1 large damaged aquamarine
2 lbs unrefined silver

Father: Amon- location unknown.
Mother: Kalila- deceased
Sister: Lilly- location wandering around (helping people.)

Dolen was born to Amon and his wife Kalila. Amon was a noble paladin but retired to be with Kalila. Dolen was the oldest of Amon's children. Dolen worked the fields with his father from a very young age of 6,a year later his younger sister Lilly was born.

Dolen and Lilly were very close friends due to living out in the middle of nowhere, there father thought them a little bit of swordsmanship when they had free time from chores and working the fields.When Dolen turned 18 knights came to there house and started a conversation with there father. Later that day Amon told Dolen that the knights will take him in three day to a training academy to ready him for war before Dolen left for the academy he left his younger sister a necklaces for here with a bright sapphire stone hanging on it.

Days turned into months, months into years, Dolen face five brutal years of intense training to just for some war that he didn't even wanna be apart of. Dolen eventual graduated at the top 5 of his class while in his training all he thought of was. I have to get home alive. Dolen was then sent to Winter Fall.

Dolen and his squad where sent into the Inner City as they where making there way to the Court house catapults started to fire on the city killing three of his men they started to run towards the Court house but where ambushed by Dwarves. Dolen and his squad fought against them as the fighting continued arrows came out of nowhere and killed a few of his men and some of the Dwarves they all looked around to see the shadows moving and balls of fire raining down from all sides as one of the flaming balls came and hit a wall it lite up the area to see Elves surrounding them. Dolen told his men to quickly retreat to the Court house him, his men and a few Dwarves made it on the court house they agreed to work together until the elves where dead or if they can get back to there camps. Dolen his men and the Dwarves head out through the blizzard hoping that the snow will hide them from the elves.
As they trekked through the snow one by one the elves took them away some where just pulled out of nowhere some where shot by arrows finally Dolen was the only one left Dolen fell to his knees as the blizzard got stronger images of his family passed by his eyes just as a elf was coming to get him he stood up and slashed at the elves neck killing him but was then shot with a arrow in the back of the leg bringing Dolen back down to his knees before they could finish him off, it seamed as time itself stopped a mysterious man came out of the floor And approached Dolen "You can die here or you can work for me." Dolen looked around to see all the elves standing still ready with there bows Dolen looked back to the mysterious man "What do you need me to do." the man held out his hand and in a burst of flames a contract appeared "You work for me now." Dolen signed the contract both him and the man where transported out of the town and to a hill far away from the battlefield "War is coming with all its glory and all its horror. I need you to be my General get a army and prepare for war, you will also be an assassin of people good and bad. I will be with you, for only you can see me." the man also gave him a picture of his sister. "She is the last of you family." Dolen set off with this man not knowing if he was a guardian angle or the devil.
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Dolen the lost solider
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