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PostSubject: shop inventory    shop inventory  I_icon_minitimeSun 16 Feb 2014, 03:29

weapons:  http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/weapons.htm#meleeandRangedWeapons
Armor: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/armor.htm

Any weapon can become masterwork and recieve +1 attack for 300 gold.

Any weapon can get a magical enchantment giving it +1 to att./def. for every +1 you get on a wepon it cost 1,000 GP (ex: +1 = 1,000 GP so +2 = 2,000 GP)

Any armor can get a magical enchantment giving it +1 AC for every +1 you get on an armor it cost 2,500 GP
(ex: +1 = 2,500 so +2 = 5,000 GP)

Weapon enchantments:
Axiomatic: weapon deals +2d6 against chaotic characters, and no damage against lawful characters. It also cannot be held by a chaotic character. (15,000 GP)

Lawful Bane: weapon deals +2d6 against lawful characters, and no damage against chaotic characters.  It also cannot be held by a lawful character. (15,000 GP)

Brilliant energy: weapon glows bright like a torch. (1,500 GP)

Dancing: Weapon fights on its own for 4 rounds before falling to the ground (10,000 GP)

Disruption: A bludgeoning weapon can kill any undead that doesn't pass a fortitude save of DC 14. (2,500 GP)

distance: can only be placed on a ranged weapon.  Doubles its' range. (1,000 GP)

Flaiming: weapon is covered in fire and deal +1d6 damage. (2,000 GP)

Flaiming burst: Weapon is covered in fire and deals +1d10 damage or +2d6 on a critical hit. (4,500 GP)

Keen: piercing and slashing weapons double their critical range this doesn't stack. (20,000 GP)

merciful: deals +1d6 damage but all damage is non-lethal this ability can be de-activated at weilders command. (10,000 GP)

seeking: ranged weapons cannot miss target. (25,000 GP)

Speed: allows you to make an extra attack with a weapon. (25,000 GP)

Vicious: weapon deals +2d6 against opponent and 1d6 to you. (2,500 GP)

Vorpal: Rolling a 20 on an attack roll with a slashing weapon decapitates your opponent. (50,000 GP)

wounding: when you hurt someone with this weapon it deals 1 constitution damage to them. (7,500 GP)

Spell tomes can be used to cast one spell for free by destroying the tome

Spell tomes:

create water: Creates 2 gallons of water/level (400 GP)

Cure minor wounds: Cure 1 point of damage (5 GP)

calm emotions: calms creatures (500 GP)

cure moderate wounds: cures 2d8 damage+1/level (1,000 GP)

Gentile repose: Preserve one corpse (50 GP)

make whole: repair an object (250 GP)

zone of truth: subjects with range cannot lie (600 GP)

contagion: target gets selected disease (1,500 GP)

create food and water: feeds 3 people or 1 horse/ level (1,200 GP)

cure serious wounds: cures 3d8 damage+1/ level (2,000 GP)

wind wall: wall deflects arrows, small creatures, and gases (350 GP)

cure critical wounds: cures 4d8 damage+1/ level (3,000 GP)

Death ward: Grants immunity to death spells and negative effects (5,000 GP)

Tongues: speak any language (125 GP)

Commune: God's answer one yes or No question/ level (7,500 GP)

restore dead: raises a person who died under 24 hours ago from the dead (25,000 GP)

Wall of stone: creates a wall of stone in any shape (1,500 GP)

word of recall: teleports you back to destined location (25,000 GP)

control weather control the weather (750 GP)

resurrection: bring dead body back to life (50,000 GP)

True resurrection: Brings person back to life without needing their remains (100,000 GP)
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shop inventory
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