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 Pelor's mission board

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Carthyra Alinyas


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PostSubject: Pelor's mission board   Fri 11 Jul 2014, 19:15

There is a board outside the chamber of each order. Outside of Pelor's order's chamber a sign reads:

"Fill the world with so much Goodness that Evil has no room in which to exist." - The Light of Pelor

In addition to aiding the less fortunate and defending the weak as per our code, Paladins of Pelor may complete these tasks to earn guild credits.

+25 Escort clerics to and from Winterfall
+25 (minimum) destroy a Necromancer
+10 Locate a temple of Nerull
+200 (minimum) Destroy a temple or stronghold of Nerull

Lay undead to rest in Sieto Catacombs.
Lay spirits to rest in the Haunted Forest.
Slay undead in the Dead Marsh.

Undead slain:
+1 - least (CR<1)
+2 - lesser (CR 1-2)
+10 - minor (CR 3-4)
+25 - moderate (CR 5-8 )
+ 50 - major (CR 9-12)
+100 - greater (CR>12)

Additional credits may be earned through specific quests assigned by guild leadership.
Multiple rewards can be given for a single feat: Locating and destroying a temple of Nerull along with several necromancers and their undead would yield a compound reward from the guild.
Credits will be distributed evenly to groups of cooperating paladins for tasks completed.
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PostSubject: Re: Pelor's mission board   Sat 12 Jul 2014, 14:20

Lilly looked at the missions and decided to take the longest one there. Lilly grabbed the Destroy a temple or stronghold of Nerull and started towards the main exit.
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Pelor's mission board
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