Mighty kingdoms dot a vast landscape filled with danger and treasure.
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 Sealant Jores

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sealant jeros

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PostSubject: Sealant Jores   Wed 09 Jul 2014, 17:23

Name: Sealant Jores
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5 feet 11.5 inches
Weight: 210 pounds
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Weapon: Mw. Heavy Mace
Armor: Mw Breastplate, Mw heavy steel shield

Healing belt

Class: Paladin of Pelor
Str: 12  1
Dex: 8  -1
Con: 8 -1
Int: 10  0
Wis:12  1
Cha: 15   2

Concentration: 1
Dilomacy: 5
Heal: 5
Knowledge(religion): 2
Sense Motive: 3
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Carthyra Alinyas


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PostSubject: Re: Sealant Jores   Thu 10 Jul 2014, 23:56

Make sure to send me a completed character sheet with stuff like AC, health, feats, throws, and stuff.
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Sealant Jores
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