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 Balancing the Game

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Balancing the Game  Empty
PostSubject: Balancing the Game    Balancing the Game  I_icon_minitimeWed 16 Apr 2014, 17:00

Bjorkas made a good point. That we have no place to actually talk about balancing the game. So from now on if you have any concerns about a specific topic. Such as a class, weapon race and other thing such as this bring it here.

About classes I am subject to change if you can convince Jason and me on certain thing We can come up with a compromise. Such as Bjorkas and I where talking about on SirChris87 Page and again sorry about posting so much on that. We took up quite the space.

Among other thing Bjorkas I looked over the alchemist class It looks fine to me. I think the worst I can see it is the Lead to Gold but then again What alchemist dose not due that once in there life time.

I would also like a update on Characters Sheets every lv up. I don't mind if its in a PM or if you post it in the Characters page. The reason We have the Characters is for you to have it already saved and ready for updates even though its public its a lot simpler With that then a PM But im fine ether way. Any question or concerns post it here or send me and Jason a PM.
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Balancing the Game
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